Using A Shuttle Service? 3 Things To Consider When Tipping Your Driver

It's important to compliment someone when you receive great service, which is especially true when using a professional shuttle service. While 15% is typically the standard for tipping in most situations, you may not be aware of what service warrants a bigger tip when taking a shuttle. That's why you should consider these 3 things when determining your tip. Did They Take An Alternate Route? Traffic and construction are a common problem that many people do not realize until they are on the way to their destination. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Hire A Limo For Your Teenager's Birthday Party

If you are trying to plan a unique birthday party for your teenager, you should consider renting a limo for their birthday party. Here are three reasons why renting a limo for your teenager's birthday is a great idea.  #1 It's A Social Media Worthy Event One of the best reasons to hire a limousine is that it is a social media worthy event, and teenagers today are all about social media. [Read More]

7 Modes Of Transportation At Los Angeles International Airport - But Limos Prevail

There are plenty of LAX transportation options available once you land in California, but selecting the right option can be difficult. It's easy to forego taking a private limo with so many choices, but you will soon see why it is a fantastic idea to take a limo rather than to rely on public transportation and shuttles. 1. Transportation Network Companies It is extremely popular to book a ride with a smartphone app, and there are plenty of services with authorization to pick up passengers at LAX. [Read More]