Getting a Wedding Day Limo? Who to Include and Who to Leave Out

Are you hiring a wedding limo for your big day? For many bridal couples, this is both an exciting tradition and a practical transportation element. But it also leads to the inevitable question of who should ride in the limo and who should not. To help you decide what arrangements to make for your trip to the altar, here are three key people who should be in your limousine and two who should be kept out. [Read More]

Tips For A Successful Boat Transport

Owning a boat is one thing, but there may very well come a point in which you want to move and need to get your boat from one point to another. In order to do this, it's important that you hire the help of a boat transport professional that can look out for you. By taking your time to vet different boat transport pros, you'll be choosing the business you can rely on, and will virtually ensure that your prized boat makes it there in one piece. [Read More]

New To Commercial Trucking? Tips For Your Job Transition

If you have been considering starting a new career as a commercial truck driver, the transition you have ahead of you can be an exciting and overwhelming one. While you may feel reasonably prepared after completing your CDL license training and truck driving school, there are things that you can only learn from experience. Unfortunately, the experience that teaches some of these things can leave you struggling with issues you'd rather avoid. [Read More]

4 Interesting Facts About Helicopters

Going up in a helicopter is certainly an interesting experience. Many people are a bit intimidated by the idea, at least on their first ride, and this is in part because they do not know a whole lot about helicopters. The more you know, the more confident you will feel — so here are four interesting facts about helicopters. 1. They can take off and land vertically. If you have ever been on an airplane or watched them land on the runway, you know they need a lot of space to take off and land. [Read More]