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Why It Makes Less Sense To Own Your Own Cold Volume Warehouse

If you're a manufacturer, you might already have a private cold volume warehouse service to store your products until they are ready to be distributed to the consumer. However, if you do not handle logistics yourself, you might at some point need a cold volume warehousing service for your product. Even if you have your own warehouse, there are cases where you might need to rely on cold volume storage. 

Meet Fluctuating Demands as a Manufacturer

If you need to manufacture a larger than normal number of products to meet demand, you might need a place to store your products until they can make their way to the end user. Cold storage rentals can allow your business to better handle fluctuations in demand.

Store Unused Product

Even if you're not a manufacturer, but instead an end user, you'll likely need cold volume storage to hold products until you need them. You might have a harder time than expected moving a product or you may order a product in bulk to be stored and put on display at a later date.

Warehouse at a Lower Cost

For most companies, however, outsourcing cold volume warehousing is the only method they use to store products until they are needed. There is no reason to waste money on a facility that you will need to also manage when the same facility could more cheaply be managed by a third party. Refrigerated warehouses are more expensive than dry storage, so most businesses will choose to outsource. 

Meet the Demands of Specific Products

Another issue is that you may need to rely on different cold volume warehousing services because different products need to be stored at different temperatures to preserve their nutritional quality. Perishable foods, flowers, plants, and pharmaceuticals may all need to be placed in cold storage, but there are optimal temperatures at which they must be stored at. You may have one item that is sold at a small quantity and you may not be able to justify owning your own warehouse.

Lower Energy Costs

Some warehouses are simply more energy-efficient than others. They have better insulation and are managed in such a way that minimizes the exposure that the warehouse has to the outside world. When you outsource your warehousing needs, you'll be able to save money because they will be able to spend less on energy costs and will be able to pass the savings onto you.

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