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Maximize Your Movers’ Time By Being Prepared On Moving Day

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If you’re getting ready to move houses and are on a budget, you might opt to have a professional moving service help for just a handful of hours. Many moving services can be booked for a small block of time, such as four hours. If you go this route, it’s in your best interest to keep the crew busy from the time it arrives to the time it departs. This means that when the crew arrives in the morning, you should have a number of things ready to go — you shouldn’t still be running around the house and packing your possessions. Here are some things to have ready by the time the crew arrives. Appliances Ready To Go If you’ll be moving your appliances, this is an important task to make sure that your movers can do for you. They have the strength and skill to get the job done with greater ease than you. Make sure that you’ve prepared each of your appliances for the move. This means unplugging them (and, in the case of your washing machine, disconnecting the hoses) and clearing a path from your door to where the appliances are stored. Make sure there’s nothing in any of them, either. For example, you might keep baking sheets in your oven, so make sure to empty them out first. Boxes Stacked Conveniently Much of a move consists of ferrying boxes from the house to the truck, so make sure that your boxes are ready to go when the moving crew arrives. It can be useful to spend some time in advance of your moving day relocating all of the packed boxes to an easily accessible area, such as your garage. This will allow the moving crew to concentrate on loading the boxes while you take care of other duties in the house. Keeping the boxes in the garage means that your home won’t be unnecessarily congested with the movers and your family vying for the same space. Other Items Set Aside Occasionally, you’ll have items that you won’t want your movers to take. For example, you might have a box of personal items (a purse, wallet, keys, etc.) that you want to keep handy throughout the move. Make sure that you set any of these items aside and tell the movers about them. It will be a waste of everyone’s time if these items get inadvertently loaded into the truck — and then have to be found later on. For more information, contact companies like RB...

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Limo Services 101: 4 Essential Considerations To Keep In Mind

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A limousine is a great way to travel in style. Whether for a business meeting or a formal wedding, a limo service can provide elegant transportation. Unfortunately, choosing the right limo service for your event isn’t always as easy as it seems. There are many considerations when it comes to selecting a limo service. Here are just four considerations to keep in mind: 1. Expect to Pay More There are many factors that go in to the price of your limo service. When you call for a quote, you will likely be asked where you are going. In addition, they’ll ask how long you want the limo service. The company will then combine these two factors to give you an estimate. However, this may not be the actual cost for the service. Factors such as gasoline, stops, parking, and road tolls may all be added in to your final fee. Additionally, you may want to tip the driver. So always be prepared to pay more than the number quoted. 2. Weekdays Are Cheaper If you are trying to save some money, you might want to consider using the limo service on a weekday. Since weekends are typically busiest for auto services—including limo services—you will likely get a better deal for weekday service. However, be sure to check for local events such as concerts, as big events can drive the price up. 3. Think About Extras Another thing you might want to consider are extras. Some limo services might just offer the bare basics, while others might offer additional extras that make the trip special. If you are wanting to take advantage of extras, such as alcohol or food, be sure to ask the company about it. Some services might charge extra for these services, so be sure to ask and get quoted for these as well—if you plan to use any of them. 4. Let The Driver Know About Stops Finally, make sure the driver knows about all of the stops you plan to take during the trip. Whether you want to stop and visit a place or need to pick up an additional guest, it’s a good idea to let the driver know. Additional stops might factor in to your price, but even if they don’t, it’s wise to tell the driver. By knowing when and where you need to stop, the driver can plan the best route to get you there. A limo service (like Limobusters) is a fantastic way to travel for both big and small events. If you are interested in using a limo service, be sure to keep these four considerations in mind. Not only will these tips help you choose the best service for you, but they can also help you save some...

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3 Awesome Reasons To Rent A Party Bus

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If you are looking to rent a vehicle that is unique, fun, and provides seating for a large group of people, then a party bus is something you should most definitely look into. This is basically a normal bus that has been turned into a bus that is fit for a party. This article will discuss 3 awesome reasons to rent a party bus.  Prom A party bus is perfect for a group of teenagers who are going to prom. The bus will easily fit all of the couples and will give them a super fun environment to travel around in. The black lights, disco balls, and other decor is perfect for the prom theme, and the upbeat music will get them excited for the actual dance. They can have the bus pick up each date and then take them to prom. The party bus will also be waiting to pick them up afterward.  Also, because several people will be riding in the bus at one time, splitting the cost amongst them will allow them to easily pay for the party bus rental.  Bachelorette Party Because a bachelorette party is the last big hurrah a woman has before she is married, the person throwing her the party should definitely go all out. Renting a party bus for the night is one way to do this. The bus will have decor that is fitting to a bachelorette party, such as pink and black streamers and lights, balloons that spell out the words “bride to be”, and colorful confetti. The party bus with also have customized music that you like, as well as foods and drinks, such as soda, cookies, chips, and more. The bus driver can take you to all of the fun locations that are planned for the evening and will make sure that you all get home at the end of the night safely.  Kid’s Birthday Party  Since you can choose the type of party bus you would like to rent, you can choose one that is more kid-friendly. This allows you to rent a bus that is perfect for a birthday party. For example, if you are throwing an animal party for your 6 year old and taking them and all of their friends to the zoo for the party, you can rent out an animal themed party bus. The kids will be thrilled with the opportunity to ride around in the themed bus and it will likely be a birthday party that none of them will ever forget. Also, because the party bus comes with a driver, you will be able to better watch the children as you are driving around with all of...

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Three Advantages To Charter Bus Rentals For Your Destination Family Reunion

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Destination family reunions are a great opportunity to get everyone together to reconnect as a family without the demands of daily life getting in the way. Unfortunately, getting everyone together at another destination does pose some logistical challenges. If you’re looking for a way to make it easier for all of your guests to get where they’re going, consider renting a charter bus service to help you out. Here are a few reasons why charter buses are worth the investment for your next reunion. Affordability When you invest in a charter bus service to get everyone to the destination, you save your guests the fuel costs, travel expenses, and wear and tear associated with driving their own vehicle. In addition, for guests who might fly instead of driving, you save the cost of the flight and a rental car at the destination. Simplicity If you’ve ever traveled anywhere with more than three different vehicles, you know how difficult it can be to keep everybody together on the road. If someone falls behind or gets lost in traffic, you might end up with some guests getting lost. When you rent a charter bus, everyone can get on the bus together, and you won’t have to worry about losing anybody along the way. There are no concerns about missing turns, sudden fuel stops or any other potential issues. If you want to be able to enjoy the trip and not worry about keeping track of all of those cars, a charter bus may be the solution you need. Comfort Charter bus seats are usually much more comfortable and roomy than airline seats, and they allow for more mobility than your guests would have if traveling by car. When you’re looking to ensure that everyone arrives rested and ready for your event, this may be a great way to go. This is particularly beneficial when you’re traveling with seniors, young kids or those with special needs. Cars can be harder to get in and out of, so a charter bus may make the general transportation easier. In addition, most charter buses even come equipped with bathrooms, so you won’t have to worry about restroom stops. When you’re looking for a way to make your family reunion more celebration and less hassle, consider transporting everybody together in a charter bus instead of trying to organize a plan with so many different vehicles. With the information here, you can see why charter bus rentals are worthwhile investments for events like...

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Going The Extra Mile In Style: 3 Occasions When A Limousine Ride Is The Perfect Surprise Gift

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If you think limousines are only for elegant wedding parties, somber funeral processions or exciting prom nights, think again. Any occasion will become more glamorous and fun with a luxury vehicle rental added to the party plans, so use your imagination and plan a special limo outing like one of the following: One-up your tailgating pals with a sports limousine ride Coordinate a one-of-a-kind fan night for your favorite team’s next home game by renting a limousine to transport you and the gang to the stadium and back home. Have the limo stop and pick up each of your friends at their homes, or do some pre-game celebrating at your favorite club and later make a grand exit as the limo picks you all up from the bar for your posh ride to the game or match. You can have matching shirts, hats or pennants made for the group to keep as souvenirs. Play a few drinking games as the chauffeur drives, since the limo is stocked with your favorite beverages. There’s no risk of anybody driving impaired or being arrested for DUI, you all arrive at the game together, and you don’t have to worry about traffic, parking or walking a long distance to the entry gates. Kids’ parties go the extra mile with a limousines Some limo service companies have kids’ birthday packages which vary from company to company. Gaming kids will love a limousine outfitted with their favorite gaming console and plenty of controllers for all of their friends. Kids can watch movies and enjoy taped greetings from loved ones, or they can film their own reality show inside the limo for a treasured keepsake. Scavenger hunts are also a popular kids’ limo game, turning heads as the graceful vehicle pulls up to various locations so the party goers can source the individual obscure and silly things on their lists. Kids may also love the “royal treatment” that some limo companies provide. Your child receives a sparkly crown or tiara, red carpet treatment and transport with their guests to lush and trendy locations around town for a series of photo shoots. If your limousine company doesn’t provide this service, ask if you or your party planner can make the arrangements for such a party using one of their limos. Make a sad time better with a limo ride Some situations just stink. Moving away for a job, giving up one’s home to enter an assisted living facility, and visiting the doctor for painful treatments are moments that can all be heart wrenching and demoralizing. You may not be able to change the circumstances for your friend or family member, but a surprise limo ride may take the sting out of a sad or scary time. Send your journeying friend off to the airport in a limo as a classy and meaningful way to say goodbye. Transport Dad or Mom to the nursing home in a luxurious limousine to let them know you only want the best for them. When the other residents ask them about their fancy ride, it helps them break the ice and meet new people. Once In a while, plan a day when you grab your parent and a few of their friends and take them on a limo ride to the mall...

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Want To Drive A Truck For A Living? Your 2 Main Choices

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If you think that driving a truck for a living and working in the logistics industry is something that would work for you, it’s time to get your license. There are many training facilities for you to look into, and you’ll want to start considering what type of job you want to have before you go through the training. There are two main sources of employment you’ll have when you get your license to drive trucks, and you’ll have to decide which is going to provide the most income, and which will be the most reliable for you. Trucking Company Employment If you want to know who you’re working for, and you want to know that every day when you go to work, they are going to tell you where to go and what to do, then you want to get in with a trucking company. A trucking company may pay for your training if they really need drivers, and they may offer benefits if you work full time. You can meet with local companies to figure out if you want to make that commitment, since some companies require you sign long term contracts. Owner Operator Jobs Do you think that you want to work on your own and be your own boss? With your operator’s license and a truck, you can own your own routes and make your own contracts with different businesses and trucking companies. You will set the hours of how much you want to work and who you want to work for. A lot of people enjoy being self-employed because they can decide when they want to take vacation or how far they want to travel. Also, they aren’t required to drive so many miles or so many hours throughout the year. You can choose a local food route to deliver food or chips, or you can decide to carry manufactured parts across the country if you want. If you have the money to start your own trucking company, and to get a truck and find your own routes right away, you will have something that you can sell when you are ready to retire from driving a truck, or you can get more trucks and expand your business. Find out what driving school has the most competitive and affordable programs for you to attend so you can get started on making money and driving a...

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5 Advantages Of Buying A Diesel Car

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If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you have many options available. There are now hybrid vehicles and diesel cars available to consumers. Although many people associate diesel engines with large trucks, there are many cars that contain diesel engines. Here are a few advantages of buying a diesel car: Diesel engines offer more power. Diesel fuel is associated with a greater amount of torque. This is largely due to  the higher heat content of the fuel. Torque allows more pulling power in a vehicle. Thus, your car may be able to power through tough road conditions more easily. In addition, if you will be using the vehicle to pull other objects, such as a boat, your vehicle may have more pulling power. Diesel cars usually have a great resale value. The value of a diesel car may not decline as quickly as that of a traditional gas-powered car. This may be due to the fact that there are fewer diesel cars on the road. Thus, a buyer has a limited number of used diesel cars to choose from and you have fewer used diesel cars with which your vehicle has to compete.  Diesel fuel lasts longer. Diesel fuel is more easily converted into power for your vehicle. In addition, it causes your vehicle to get better gas mileage than most gas-powered vehicles. Many European cars are already powered by diesel fuel. This is largely due to an attempt to increase fuel efficiency.   Diesel engines usually last longer. Another reason to choose a diesel car is longevity. Diesel engines don’t deteriorate as quickly as gas-powered engines. The increase in durability can help you keep your car longer. The fuel price is not that different from premium fuel. Some people may associate diesel fuel with high prices. However, the price of diesel fuel usually about the same as that of premium gasoline. In addition, the fuel doesn’t burn as quickly in your vehicle. Diesel cars are no longer associated with loud engine noises and great amounts of grey or black smoke pouring from the tailpipe. Modern technology has quieted the engines and eliminated the smoke. In addition, today’s diesel cars usually use a type of diesel fuel that is sometimes referred to as clean diesel because it does not create as much smoke as the old diesel fuel did. If you are interested in purchasing a diesel car, visit an automotive dealership in your...

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5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Limo Service

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If you are getting married soon, you probably want your wedding to be quite special. One way to enhance the event is to hire a wedding limousine service. Here are a few reasons why: You can color-coordinate your transportation. You may have spent hours choosing the proper colors for your wedding. If the event is outdoors, the wedding transportation may be parked nearby. To give an overall look of unity in your wedding design, it is best to have wedding transportation that is color-coordinated with your other wedding colors. Wedding limousines can be selected in different hues. There is likely a color that fits well with the color scheme of your wedding. In addition, for the limousine that will transport the bride or groom, a different color can be selected so that their limo stands out. For instance, a white limousine can be used to transport the happy couple to their reception. The other limousines can be colored pink, blue, traditional black or another color that works well with those of your wedding. Privacy in the Passenger Cab Wedding limousines include a window that separates the chauffeur’s area of the limousine from that of the passengers. This window is dark and sound-proof. This can be helpful for wedding transportation because the wedding party may have to make adjustments to their clothing on the way to the wedding. Any adjustments or even changes of garments can be done in a discreet manner. In addition, the new bride and groom may want to share intimate words or even embraces on the way to the reception. With the privacy glass, they can do so without feeling uncomfortable or watched. The Bride Can Remain Hidden Until The Big Moment One of the most special moments during a wedding is the time that the bride appears. Using a wedding limousine with dark tinted windows can help ensure that no one sees the bride until the perfect time. A Limo Is Great Transportation for the Parents of the Couple It is a wonderfully thoughtful gesture to transport the parents of the bride and groom to the wedding in a limo. The luxury of a limo is a great way to ease the jitters felt by the parents and to help them feel special. The Limousine Can Make A Great Backdrop For Wedding Photos As the wedding party is being transported to the site of the ceremony, the plush interior of a limousine can offer a great backdrop for pre-wedding photos. These memorable snapshots will be cherished for years to come. If you have a wedding coming up soon, schedule an appointment with a company that offers wedding limo rentals to review your options and reserve your limousines....

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4 Ways To Make The Most Of An Airport Layover

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So, you scored a great deal on a flight, but in exchange for a cheap ticket you’re now stuck with a long airport layover. While many people dread spending extra time at the airport, you can actually make the most of this time and turn it into a fun adventure. Here are four ways to make the most of a long airport layover: Rent an Airport Car If your layover is at least a few hours, why not leave the airport all together and go out and explore? Rent a comfortable airport car to take you away from the airport to the center of town. Depending on which city you are in, you may be able to have a memorable meal at a great restaurant, walk along a scenic waterfront, people watch at a park, or even check out a museum or other site. Your airport car will get you back in time for your next flight, and you’ll feel exhilarated from your mini adventure. Get a Workout In More and more airports are now offering gym and shower facilities. Some even offer quiet rooms meant for yoga and meditation. Check to see if your airport is listed on this site dedicated to airport gyms, and if it is be sure to pack workout clothes, running shoes, and shower toiletries in your carry-on. Get a Room Some hotels now offer short-stay rooms you can rent by the hour. These small rooms offer privacy and quiet so you can take a nap, grab a shower, watch a little TV, or get some work done on your laptop. If your layover airport doesn’t offer rooms for rent on-site, look for an airport hotel in the immediate vicinity that allows you to rent a room for a half day or less at a prorated rate. Listen to an Audio Book Airports aren’t always the best place to read a book, since the never-ending loudspeaker announcements and general hustle and bustle can be way too noisy and distracting. One great solution is to download an audio book before your trip and listen to it with headphones. If you opt for something suspenseful or fast-paced your layover will fly by while you get caught up in the story. Luckily, you can keep listening once you’re up in the air. By following these tips, before you know it your long layover will be over. You may even find yourself wishing it was a little...

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Three Very Good Reasons To Use A Car Hauling Service For Long-Distance Transport

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If you need to transport your car a long distance and don’t want to drive it yourself, you have a couple of options. One is to find someone to drive the car out for you, and the other is to arrange for a car hauling service to bring the car to the new location. The impersonality of a car hauler service — your car wedged onto a trailer with other cars — may make it seem like an odd choice. But it is the better choice of the two for three reasons. Wear and Tear The most obvious reason is the wear and tear on your car. Even the best driver in the world can’t prevent the road trip from taking its toll on your car. The trip will use gas, the tires will experience extra wear, more engine fluids will be used up, and so on. With a car hauler service, though, the car itself will be driven very little, mainly just enough to move it on and off of the hauler. The car will be secured so that it doesn’t bump into other cars on the hauler. Personal Quirks If you have someone drive your car a long distance, you’re going to have to deal with the personal quirks of that driver. Maybe your concept of being neat is a lot different from this person’s, and you find crumbs all over the inside of the car, for example. A car hauling service has to live up to a customer service reputation. If you find a mess inside your car after removing it from the hauler, the hauling company can help you get the mess cleaned up. License and Insured Related to the mess issue is the issue of external damage. A car hauling company will be licensed, insured, and bonded. If they cause damage to your car, they will have to pay for repairs. A private driver might not have the best insurance. If your own car insurance is supposed to cover the car and driver, it might either not cover the damage in this case, or it might cover some of it but not parts like the deductible, for example. That can leave you with some costly repairs. Your car is likely safer on a large hauler, too, rather than as a privately driven car on the roadway where it would be subject to a higher risk of an accident. If you want to arrange for your car to be picked up and transported by a hauling company, start calling both independent car hauling companies and moving companies. The moving companies can refer you to the hauling companies they use. Contact a business, such as Wrightway Auto Carriers, for more...

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