Choosing Bags For Your Bicycle

If you want to ride your bike for long distances or use it for commuting, then you need the right kinds of bags to pack your gear. The wrong type of bag, especially if heavily packed, can weigh your bike down and make it heavier and harder to handle. The right kinds of bags can actually make your trip or commute easier. Here are some tips to choosing bags for your bike to fit your needs without making handling more difficult. [Read More]

How To Find The Best Trucking Company For You To Work For

There is definitely a shortage of jobs in the United States with the downturn of the economy. There are certain industries however that not only pay well but do have a shortage of well-trained workers. The trucking industry is one of those careers in which you can receive a good salary and there are positions just waiting to be filled. How can you find the best trucking company for you to work for? [Read More]

Using A Shuttle Service? 3 Things To Consider When Tipping Your Driver

It's important to compliment someone when you receive great service, which is especially true when using a professional shuttle service. While 15% is typically the standard for tipping in most situations, you may not be aware of what service warrants a bigger tip when taking a shuttle. That's why you should consider these 3 things when determining your tip. Did They Take An Alternate Route? Traffic and construction are a common problem that many people do not realize until they are on the way to their destination. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Hire A Limo For Your Teenager's Birthday Party

If you are trying to plan a unique birthday party for your teenager, you should consider renting a limo for their birthday party. Here are three reasons why renting a limo for your teenager's birthday is a great idea.  #1 It's A Social Media Worthy Event One of the best reasons to hire a limousine is that it is a social media worthy event, and teenagers today are all about social media. [Read More]