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Going The Extra Mile In Style: 3 Occasions When A Limousine Ride Is The Perfect Surprise Gift

If you think limousines are only for elegant wedding parties, somber funeral processions or exciting prom nights, think again. Any occasion will become more glamorous and fun with a luxury vehicle rental added to the party plans, so use your imagination and plan a special limo outing like one of the following:

One-up your tailgating pals with a sports limousine ride

Coordinate a one-of-a-kind fan night for your favorite team's next home game by renting a limousine to transport you and the gang to the stadium and back home. Have the limo stop and pick up each of your friends at their homes, or do some pre-game celebrating at your favorite club and later make a grand exit as the limo picks you all up from the bar for your posh ride to the game or match.

You can have matching shirts, hats or pennants made for the group to keep as souvenirs. Play a few drinking games as the chauffeur drives, since the limo is stocked with your favorite beverages. There's no risk of anybody driving impaired or being arrested for DUI, you all arrive at the game together, and you don't have to worry about traffic, parking or walking a long distance to the entry gates.

Kids' parties go the extra mile with a limousines

Some limo service companies have kids' birthday packages which vary from company to company. Gaming kids will love a limousine outfitted with their favorite gaming console and plenty of controllers for all of their friends. Kids can watch movies and enjoy taped greetings from loved ones, or they can film their own reality show inside the limo for a treasured keepsake.

Scavenger hunts are also a popular kids' limo game, turning heads as the graceful vehicle pulls up to various locations so the party goers can source the individual obscure and silly things on their lists. Kids may also love the "royal treatment" that some limo companies provide. Your child receives a sparkly crown or tiara, red carpet treatment and transport with their guests to lush and trendy locations around town for a series of photo shoots. If your limousine company doesn't provide this service, ask if you or your party planner can make the arrangements for such a party using one of their limos.

Make a sad time better with a limo ride

Some situations just stink. Moving away for a job, giving up one's home to enter an assisted living facility, and visiting the doctor for painful treatments are moments that can all be heart wrenching and demoralizing. You may not be able to change the circumstances for your friend or family member, but a surprise limo ride may take the sting out of a sad or scary time.

Send your journeying friend off to the airport in a limo as a classy and meaningful way to say goodbye. Transport Dad or Mom to the nursing home in a luxurious limousine to let them know you only want the best for them. When the other residents ask them about their fancy ride, it helps them break the ice and meet new people. Once In a while, plan a day when you grab your parent and a few of their friends and take them on a limo ride to the mall or ice cream parlor.

Treat a sick loved one to a comfy, plush limousine ride to and from their chemo or other medical therapy. Or, if they will be too sick to enjoy the ride right then, arrange to pick them up at home for a limo ride to their favorite restaurant, park or other location. Sometimes a little distraction can temporarily ease a hurting person's pain.

You'll be able to think of more limousine ideas to show your loved ones and friends how much you care by using the above examples as inspiration Of course, you will want to go over limousine etiquette with kids and adults who have never ridden in chauffeured vehicles before. They'll have a much more easygoing and enjoyable time when they know exactly what to expect from your thoughtful gift.