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Getting a Wedding Day Limo? Who to Include and Who to Leave Out

Are you hiring a wedding limo for your big day? For many bridal couples, this is both an exciting tradition and a practical transportation element. But it also leads to the inevitable question of who should ride in the limo and who should not. To help you decide what arrangements to make for your trip to the altar, here are three key people who should be in your limousine and two who should be kept out.

Do Include in the Limousine

While you're free to choose any number of people for the limo ride, be sure to include these people first and foremost. 

Parents or Parental Stand-Ins: Traditionally, the bride rides to the ceremony in the limo with whoever is walking her down the aisle. Modern brides and grooms also often choose to have their other parent(s) in the limousine to share this special moment. This is the simplest and smallest limo party and is best for those who wish to keep potential trouble to a minimum. 

The Photographer: Even if the trip is just you and your partner, don't forget to invite the wedding photographer into the car. If you choose to forgo the photographer, you won't have any pics of this special ride. 

An Assistant: If you have a professional makeup or hair stylist, have them ride in the limo with you in order to do last-minute adjustments. If you don't have a pro, ask a trusted friend to serve in the position of bridal (or groom's) assistant for the duration of the trip.

If you have room in the car beyond these important individuals, feel free to have fun with the guest list. 

Don't Include In the Limo

On the other hand, there are a few people who could make your limo ride much less fun. Consider excising these people from your list. 

Troublesome Relatives: Don't feel obligated to include family or friends who might cause drama inside the car. You may already be nervous about the day or you may simply not want to ruin your happy mood. Either way, if you can't say no to a Drama Queen or King slim down your limousine party so that it organically leaves them out. Or, consider renting a second car so you can separate feuding parents or relatives. 

A Bartender: Many limousine services allow alcohol in the car, and someone often wants to help everyone imbibe while on the road. You may want to skip this tradition, though, as it could lead to negative consequences — such as arguments in the car and drunk bridal party members. Instead, consider including a select amount of pre-mixed drinks, wine, or beer in the car. This allows you to limit the amounts and alcohol content. 

If you choose your wedding day limo partners wisely, you're sure to have the best time traveling to and from your ceremony. And then you can sit back, relax, and focus on starting this new chapter in your life. Learn more about wedding limo services, contact a few companies like Peace Limousine & Car Service.