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7 Modes Of Transportation At Los Angeles International Airport - But Limos Prevail

There are plenty of LAX transportation options available once you land in California, but selecting the right option can be difficult. It's easy to forego taking a private limo with so many choices, but you will soon see why it is a fantastic idea to take a limo rather than to rely on public transportation and shuttles.

1. Transportation Network Companies

It is extremely popular to book a ride with a smartphone app, and there are plenty of services with authorization to pick up passengers at LAX. While pick-up services are available, many of these drivers are not as familiar with the area as professional limo drivers. Additionally, these companies are allowed only on the upper (Departure) level. Plus, there is no guarantee that a car will be available exactly when you need one.

2. LAX FlyAway Buses These buses offer a regular schedule seven days a week at every LAX terminal, but there are a few downsides to using this service. For starters, these buses are only available for transport to Van Nuys, Union Station, Westwood, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Orange Line, and Long Beach. A limo offers more personalized and direct service.

3. Taxis

Plenty of taxi services line up outside LAX. Not only can it be difficult to determine exactly how much a taxi ride will cost you, but it is not uncommon for a taxi to turn down a fare because it is not going far enough. While it is illegal for unauthorized taxis to solicit fares, it still happens. Travelers have been put at risk in the past.

4. Hotel Shuttles Free shuttles operate to many local airport hotels, but they are reserved for guests of the hotel. These shuttles tend to stop at each terminal, potentially making your trip quite long. A limo may be the most direct choice for your trip, especially if you just had quite a long journey.

5. Shared Ride Vans

Several types of shared vans are available, and they extend to different counties throughout the southern portion of the state. Some will travel long distances, but perhaps not as far as you need to go. Additionally, you have no idea who you might be sharing a shuttle with. You may have to make quite a few stops before you arrive at yours.

6. Scheduled Buses

Public buses do pick up passengers at LAX, dropping them off in various locations throughout Los Angeles. This service runs on a schedule, so if you miss the bus you may have to wait for another. Additionally, several bus numbers will use the same stop. It is imperative that you do not find yourself on the wrong bus.

7. Rental Cars

Tens of rental car companies have hubs at LAX. This is fantastic if you know where you are going and are familiar with the area. If not, navigating your way around Los Angeles can be difficult. Plus, car rentals can cost a pretty penny if you are staying for several days.

If you are interested in an affordable, comfortable, and quick ride, the limo is really the best way to go. Otherwise, you could find yourself dropped off in the wrong location or even paying way more than you thought you needed to.

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