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Using A Shuttle Service? 3 Things To Consider When Tipping Your Driver

It's important to compliment someone when you receive great service, which is especially true when using a professional shuttle service. While 15% is typically the standard for tipping in most situations, you may not be aware of what service warrants a bigger tip when taking a shuttle. That's why you should consider these 3 things when determining your tip.

Did They Take An Alternate Route?

Traffic and construction are a common problem that many people do not realize until they are on the way to their destination. A good driver is going to know to avoid these problems, and take alternate routes that can get you quickly to where you need to go.

If your shuttle service charges based on a metered fare, taking an alternate route can often save you money since you will save time that would otherwise be spent idling in traffic. Consider passing along these savings with a higher tip.

Was The Vehicle Clean and Comfortable?

A shuttle service should take pride in the vehicle that they use, which is why the vehicle's cleanliness should be taken into consideration. If it looks like you just stepped into a vehicle that has been detailed, you can let your driver know that you appreciate their extra effort.

The driver should also take additional steps to ensure that you are comfortable. This could mean gestures as small as turning down the air conditioning if you are too cold, handling your bags for you, or turning off the radio so that you have an uninterrupted cell phone conversation.

Do They Know Your Destination?

As a passenger, you shouldn't be responsible for pulling up driving directions to your destination for your driver to see. A great driver will not only know where they're going, but know the destination based on as little information as possible.

For example, it's possible that you may not even know the address of a location, but just the name of the building you are going to. You may have an address, but have no idea what part of town it is in. If your drive is familiar with the city, you will feel at ease since they know exactly where they are going.

While these are three great factors to consider when tipping, keep in mind that your shuttle driver may only excel in one or two of them. Do not let their superb service go unnoticed, and reward them with a tip that is higher than the standard 15%.

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