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How To Find The Best Trucking Company For You To Work For

There is definitely a shortage of jobs in the United States with the downturn of the economy. There are certain industries however that not only pay well but do have a shortage of well-trained workers. The trucking industry is one of those careers in which you can receive a good salary and there are positions just waiting to be filled. How can you find the best trucking company for you to work for?

Check Out The Compensation Package

There are plenty of trucking companies to choose from, ranging from long-haul routes to short, local ones. Each of these companies and route lengths have different compensation packages, including signing bonuses and how often you will receive raises, as well as benefits packages. You should do your research in what exactly what your job will be. Do you have to unload the product at the destination or does your job only require you to drive to the customers?

Once you learn what you are expected to do, then find out what your rate of pay will be. At the same time, find out the pay schedule and see if it will fit with your needs.

Research the Company

It is a good idea to research the company you are considering to find out how profitable they are and if they are adding new customers on a regular basis. You also need to see if they are able to retain the customers they have for long periods. This could be possible by looking online and looking for reviews from both customers and drivers. There are some companies which will list their customers and how long they have serviced them on their websites.

What is the Company's Safety Rating?

If you aren't driving your own truck, then you must rely on the company you work for to ensure their vehicles are safe and well cared for. You can check out their trucks, trailers and other equipment during your tour with your potential employer and look for signs that the equipment is well maintained. You can also look for the company's CSA and CVR scores. Also, check out their training practices for new drivers and for their maintenance staff.

Advancement Opportunities

It is possible that you may want to own your own company one day or even become an independent broker. Check out the company you are considering and look for opportunities for advancement. Is there a way to become a dispatcher if you wish to or can you become a manager or obtain routes that are preferable? If the company is more likely to hire for management or higher positions from within the company, than you have a better chance of having a more fulfilling career within that company.

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