Arranging Better Transportation

Use A Tiki Boat To Host Your Bachelor Party

Your bachelor party will mark one of the last times that you will be single and eligible to party nonstop. A motorized tiki boat may be used during guided tours that will include sightseeing, dancing, listening to music, and indulging in your favorite beverages and foods.

A Bachelor Party Like No Other

Tiki boating outfitters may feature bachelorette and tiki bachelor party boat packages that include decorations, onboard activities, and refreshments. The design of a tiki boat is pretty basic. One may contain a flat platform, a thatched roof, and a built-in bar and stool setup. A tiki boat that contains a motor will transport groups through calm or choppy waters that are located along the path that a tour group has chosen to travel.

A captain will direct a tiki boat and may also serve as a tour guide. A bachelor party that takes place on the water will be vastly different from a party that takes place in a physical club or bar. The privacy that is supplied during this type of charter may prompt you and your party guests to totally let loose.

Typically, a tiki outfitter will allow a customer to reserve a tiki boat for a block of time. The boat will be designated solely for use by the customer and their party guests. A tiki boat may feature a limited number of onboard staff members. These staff members will include the captain, a co-captain, a bartender, and a DJ.

Custom Details For Your Party

A tiki boat will move throughout the water at a slow pace. You may be able to personalize your boating adventure, based on the types of scenery and geographical features that you would like to enjoy while partying with your friends. For instance, you may be interested in taking some still shots or capturing some video footage that includes views of the shoreline or ocean waves.

Your captain may be receptive to slowing down the tiki boat or temporarily stopping it. This will allow you and your friends to take pictures or record footage that will be fitting for your celebration. A tiki outfitter may offer a party planner who will aid with setting up decorations or preparing a music playlist for the party. Contact a tiki boat outfitter and inquire about party packages that are offered. Afterward, decide what types of custom details you would like to include with your tiki adventure.