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Key Tips When Seeking An Overweight Permit

Overweight permits are needed when truckers go over a legally allowed weight total. They can keep you out of trouble with the law, but you'll just want to go about getting them using a couple of key tips. 

Decide Between Blanket of Single-Use Permit

There are a couple of different permit types when it comes to carrying an oversized load in a commercial truck. Either you can just get an overweight permit for a single trip or you can get one that is blanket, meaning it lasts for a certain amount of time.

If there are multiple destinations where an overweight limit will be involved, a blanket type of permit is your best option. Whereas is you know you're just traveling to one destination, then a single-use overweight permit will be more appropriate. Knowing this distinction helps you avoid getting multiple permits and wasting money.

See What Exact Forms are Required

There will be particular forms you need to send in to get an overweight permit in a particular state. Some states require more paperwork than others, and then other states need physical copies of forms before they can process your permit request and get it approved.

Before you apply, make sure you find out what these forms are so that you have a more efficient process to look forward to. Look up your state's regulations regarding overweight permits; It should say exactly what forms need to be filled out and sent in to receive this special type of permit.

Keep Checking Application

Some truckers will make the mistake of assuming that once they get in their application, everything will be fine and they can go about their trucking job as normal. Issues can sometimes happen and you want to know about them quickly so that you don't get behind with any upcoming trucking deadlines.

The best thing you can do after applying for an overweight permit is checking in on your application. It may show that it's being processed or maybe reveal you need to provide more information. Checking constantly will help you respond correctly either way. 

There will be hauls that sometimes require an overweight permit. Knowing when these are relevant, and doing the right things when applying for them, can help you avoid a lot of trouble. You'll be able to haul overweight loads confidently without having to watch your back for the fear of being pulled over.