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Charges All Car-Service Customers Need To Be Aware Of

A car service can pick you up and drop you off at the airport without driving you all over town first to pick up other customers. This convenience is actually very affordable, and many people are pleasantly surprised when they discover that the service is within financial reach. Something that all customers need to be aware of, however, is that there can be additional fees for smaller issues that occur during the rides to and from the airport. These are easy to cover but can be a surprise if the passenger didn't realize they'd encounter the costs.


If your ride involves or may involve toll roads and lanes, you'll be responsible for the tolls. And you have to understand that the driver needs to take the fastest, safest route, even if it involves tolls -- you can't tell the driver to stay in heavy traffic to avoid the toll from the open high-occupancy vehicle lane, for example. The car company should be able to tell you what a typical toll on certain roads would be like so you can have cash available.

Excessive Wait Times

Car companies know that planes can be late and that you can get held up at the baggage claim. However, while excessive wait times might not be your fault (maybe the ground crew is just being slow in unloading baggage, or passport controls were backed up), the car service has to start charging after a certain amount of time. International flights usually get a longer free wait time than domestic flights. If you want to avoid these charges, you may want to ask the car service if it can show up a bit later than when the plane gets in, such as meeting you an hour after your international flight lands so that you have more time to get through passport control.

Parking for In-Person Meet and Greets

Many car services offer meet and greets, in which the driver meets you in person inside the airport. That means the driver has to park and pay the lot fee. That fee is your responsibility. Whether you pay that in cash at the lot or have it added to your bill will vary by company.

You can see these charges are generally small and predictable, and in most cases, they can be avoided with planning. Now that you know to include these expenses in your travel budget, you can have a much smoother arrival or departure. Contact a service, like Classic Transportation, for more help.