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Surprise Your Spouse With A Wine Tour To Provide A Luxurious Anniversary

Putting a lot of effort into celebrating your anniversary is beneficial as a couple. If you want to surprise your spouse on your upcoming anniversary, you should not hesitate to reserve a wine tour. If you live close to where wine tours happen, you will have an easier time making it a full surprise because you will not have to do pack any suitcases or stay at a hotel overnight.

Considering a few important details regarding the wine tour will help you make the right choice.

Limo Bus Transportation

Although you can drive to the winery to begin the tour, you may want to keep the driving to a minimum. One person must pay attention while driving, which makes things less romantic. So, you can find a wine tour that provides limo bus transportation for everyone. If you can find one with a pickup destination near your home, or within a close drive, you can start the trip off ideally.

High-End Meal

Some wine tours only last a few hours and provide snacks throughout the experience. But, you may want to prioritize tours that give you a high-end meal during an all-day tour. You can even do further research to find out if the dining destination will provide a romantic setting. After touring wineries and tasting wine, you can sit down and relax with your spouse for lunch.

Wine Tasting

The main part of the tour is wine tasting. While you will try a lot of different wines, you may want to prioritize tours with a focus on certain wine types that you and your spouse find delicious. For instance, you may both love red wine, so focusing on this wine can lead to a better experience.

Even though you are just there for tasting, you can provide an even better anniversary gift by setting aside money to buy a bottle or two of the wine that your spouse ends up loving.

Private Tour

Although you can go on large wine tours with a lot of people following along, you may prefer a more private experience. Many tours will offer this as an option alongside large tours. For instance, you may want to know that the lunch experience will have private seating. This will allow you and your spouse to open up completely and have a deep or intimate conversation.

A wine tour is a great place to go to surprise your spouse for a special anniversary. For more information, talk to companies like Five Towns Limousines.