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Maximize Your Movers' Time By Being Prepared On Moving Day

If you're getting ready to move houses and are on a budget, you might opt to have a professional moving service help for just a handful of hours. Many moving services can be booked for a small block of time, such as four hours. If you go this route, it's in your best interest to keep the crew busy from the time it arrives to the time it departs. This means that when the crew arrives in the morning, you should have a number of things ready to go — you shouldn't still be running around the house and packing your possessions. Here are some things to have ready by the time the crew arrives.

Appliances Ready To Go

If you'll be moving your appliances, this is an important task to make sure that your movers can do for you. They have the strength and skill to get the job done with greater ease than you. Make sure that you've prepared each of your appliances for the move. This means unplugging them (and, in the case of your washing machine, disconnecting the hoses) and clearing a path from your door to where the appliances are stored. Make sure there's nothing in any of them, either. For example, you might keep baking sheets in your oven, so make sure to empty them out first.

Boxes Stacked Conveniently

Much of a move consists of ferrying boxes from the house to the truck, so make sure that your boxes are ready to go when the moving crew arrives. It can be useful to spend some time in advance of your moving day relocating all of the packed boxes to an easily accessible area, such as your garage. This will allow the moving crew to concentrate on loading the boxes while you take care of other duties in the house. Keeping the boxes in the garage means that your home won't be unnecessarily congested with the movers and your family vying for the same space.

Other Items Set Aside

Occasionally, you'll have items that you won't want your movers to take. For example, you might have a box of personal items (a purse, wallet, keys, etc.) that you want to keep handy throughout the move. Make sure that you set any of these items aside and tell the movers about them. It will be a waste of everyone's time if these items get inadvertently loaded into the truck — and then have to be found later on.

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