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Three Very Good Reasons To Use A Car Hauling Service For Long-Distance Transport

If you need to transport your car a long distance and don't want to drive it yourself, you have a couple of options. One is to find someone to drive the car out for you, and the other is to arrange for a car hauling service to bring the car to the new location. The impersonality of a car hauler service -- your car wedged onto a trailer with other cars -- may make it seem like an odd choice. But it is the better choice of the two for three reasons.

Wear and Tear

The most obvious reason is the wear and tear on your car. Even the best driver in the world can't prevent the road trip from taking its toll on your car. The trip will use gas, the tires will experience extra wear, more engine fluids will be used up, and so on. With a car hauler service, though, the car itself will be driven very little, mainly just enough to move it on and off of the hauler. The car will be secured so that it doesn't bump into other cars on the hauler.

Personal Quirks

If you have someone drive your car a long distance, you're going to have to deal with the personal quirks of that driver. Maybe your concept of being neat is a lot different from this person's, and you find crumbs all over the inside of the car, for example. A car hauling service has to live up to a customer service reputation. If you find a mess inside your car after removing it from the hauler, the hauling company can help you get the mess cleaned up.

License and Insured

Related to the mess issue is the issue of external damage. A car hauling company will be licensed, insured, and bonded. If they cause damage to your car, they will have to pay for repairs. A private driver might not have the best insurance. If your own car insurance is supposed to cover the car and driver, it might either not cover the damage in this case, or it might cover some of it but not parts like the deductible, for example. That can leave you with some costly repairs. Your car is likely safer on a large hauler, too, rather than as a privately driven car on the roadway where it would be subject to a higher risk of an accident.

If you want to arrange for your car to be picked up and transported by a hauling company, start calling both independent car hauling companies and moving companies. The moving companies can refer you to the hauling companies they use. Contact a business, such as Wrightway Auto Carriers, for more information.