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Car Services In Small Hub Airports: What To Expect

Transportation and car services are numerous when you fly into a major airport, but what about smaller airports? Can you get a limo, a taxi or a shuttle when you fly into small airports? If you can get some sort of transportation, what can you expect to get? When you are scheduled to fly into a small city or rural airport, the car services in these areas will be one or more of the following.

Rental Cars

At least one major car rental chain can be found at nearly every airport in the country. Even if the car rental agency is not exactly on airport grounds, it is probably very close, and the rental agents may be able to pick you up. If you know the name of the city or town where you will land, you can always research reservations in and near your destination well in advance to your arrival.

Airport Limos

Airport limousine services in these smaller cities may be a little more limited, but they are probably there. For example, if you are flying into a small city like Green Bay, WI, there are limo services there because there are major football teams that fly in and out of this city. When you have sports or entertainment celebrities flying into and out of smaller airports, limo rental companies almost always set up their businesses close by because it means they could be of service to these celebrities. On the flip side, if you are flying into a place like North Pole, AK, limo service might be a little more difficult to come by.


If there is an airport, there is a  taxi service. You may have to call the local taxi service when you arrive, since cab drivers are often busy trying to get regular fares throughout the city. Just ask the desk clerks at the check-in desk for a name and number of a taxi company. There will be a wait, especially if you arrive on a Friday or Saturday night when many people are taking a cab to/from any of the local bars or nightclubs. Additionally, you may still have to pay full price even when the taxi has other passengers, but if you request an up-front quote for the cost of your ride, you should not be charged extra if the driver is dropping off other passengers on the way. (It beats having to wait on the curb with no shuttle service or no transportation at all because your flight came in late at night.)

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