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4 Benefits Of Intermodal Drayage Transport

Shipping is part of modern industry, whether you operate a warehouse, retail store, or online business. You need the ability to get items into the hands of your customers or onto your store shelves, and manufacturers need the raw materials used for product creation. Intermodal drayage transport can help businesses with all their shipping needs. This method of transport utilizes various vehicles, such as trucks, trains, and boats, to get items where they need to go. The drayage portion of intermodal drayage covers short distances with trucks. Here are some benefits of utilizing intermodal drayage transport:

1. Work with companies that specialize in intermodal drayage.

Coordinating your own shipping routes can be difficult. Fortunately, you can leave this task to professionals. Companies that specialize in intermodal drayage can facilitate drop-offs and pickups along various shipping routes. Trucks will be provided and utilized as necessary, so you can take advantage of intermodal transport without a background in shipping technology. Companies can help you find the best routes for affordable and efficient transport of goods.

2. Save money on freight shipping costs.

Intermodal drayage can help you save money on shipping costs. Boats, airplanes, and other large shipping carriers are inefficient for covering small distances. Altering your shipping method to include drayage can help you reduce your operating costs. Intermodal drayage will allow you to choose the cheapest method of transport to any given destination. When you're not bound by a single shipping method, you can be more flexible in your business plan.

3. Transport smaller batches of goods.

Intermodal drayage can allow small businesses to send shipments efficiently. Transporting smaller batches of goods is possible when you utilize trucks as part of your shipping plan. Large shipments can be conveyed by train, boat, or airplane to a distribution facility where individual components of that shipment can be picked up by trucks bound for various destinations. Efficient transport of small shipments can allow smaller businesses to hold their own in the greater marketplace.

4. Get items to their final destinations as soon as possible.

Intermodal drayage can help you shorten shipping times. Instead of waiting for large freighter boats or aircraft to fill with cargo, you can offload your items at the nearest port. Your items can then be loaded onto a waiting truck to be delivered to the nearest post office or package carrier. Shortening shipment times can increase customer satisfaction and make your business more efficient overall.

For more information, contact an intermodal drayage transport service near you.