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Assess The Fenders When You Shop For A Utility Trailer

Utility trailers come in many different shapes and sizes, which makes it easy to find a product that will best suit your needs. Whether you're planning to haul equipment for your job or you're shopping for a trailer to carry gear for an outdoor hobby, you can find a utility trailer that suits your criteria. There are all sorts of details to assess when you shop, but don't overlook the importance of carefully evaluating the fenders of different trailers. You'll see many fender designs with various features. Here are three specific fender-related things that are ideal when you buy a trailer.


Many fenders on utility trailers are removable, which is a desirable feature to have. Generally, the removal process is easy, which will allow you to remove the fender in a short amount of time. There are several scenarios in which it can be useful to remove the fenders. For example, if you're putting on larger tires that have better traction onto the trailer for an off-road trip, you can remove the fenders so that the tires have enough clearance. When you're done the trip and want to put your standard tires back on, you can put the fenders back in place afterward.


You should also look for fenders that have multiple reflectors attached to them. Their presence will help to make your trailer more visible to other motorists when you're driving in the dark. Even though the trailer's lights will provide the most value, you could eventually face a situation in which one of the lights burns out. If you don't immediately notice the issue, you'll appreciate having fenders that have reflectors for extra visibility under you replace the dead lightbulb. Some fenders have just one reflector, but it's ideal if you choose a trailer with reflectors at each end of each fender.


There are generally two fender shapes when you look at different utility trailers. Some are flat across the top with diagonal sections to the front and back of each tire, while others are curved. While curved fenders look stylish, you might favor the conveniences of flat fenders. The flat surface gives you a place to rest tools when you're working on or around the trailer. For example, if you have a piece of equipment attached to the trailer that you're working on, you can easily place your tools on the fender so that they're within reach. This isn't possible with a curved fender. The flat surface also provides you with a convenient spot to sit if you're having lunch or a coffee break around your trailer.

For more information about utility trailers, contact a local dealer.